Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sexual Abuse Today

When sexually abused victims, specially boys, are not treated, society must later deal with the resulting problem. This includes crime, suicide, drug use and more sexual abuse. An average of 5.5 children in 10,000 enrolled in day care are sexually abused, an average of 8.9 children out of every 10,000 are abused in their homes. 27 percent of the women and 16 percent of men are sexually abused and refrain to talk about it.
Victimization occurrs before the age of eight for 22 percent of boys and 23 percent of girls. Most of the abuse for both boys and girls is by offenders 10 or more years older than their victims. Girls were more likely than boys to disclose their abuse. It is proven that often offenders were sexually abused when they were young and thats' why the age difference from offenders to victims is so large. This problem is harming society as well. Offenders are violent and a threat to society. Thses people often suicide, use drugs and commit crimes. Surprisingly in many cases, offenders become this way because they don't have someone that they feel comfortable to talk to. Victims often don't look for help and thus aleniate from family and friends transforming into "wild creatures"as a Times magazine once said. Sexual abuse is a huge problem in society and one way to start solving it, is simply by listening.


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