Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Wage Gap

Some argue that the wage gap is merely the result of women's choices -- mainly women taking time out of the workforce to have children. A lot of us wonder what the real story is. I strongly believe that there is more to the wage gap than “women’s choices”. The fact that women are not paid a fair salary for the same job as men, especially if the same job, education, qualifications and time in the workforce are compared. Some of the facts can be found in the following examples:
• a survey of public relations professionals, showing that women with less than 5 years of experience make $29,726 while men with the same amount of experience make $48,162. For P.R. professionals in the 5-10 year category, women earn $41,141 while men earn $47,888. In the 10-15 year category, women earn $44,941 and men earn $54,457. In the 15-20 year range, women earn $49,270 and men earn $69,120.
•a salary survey of purchasers demonstrating that for professionals in the field of purchasing with 3 or fewer years experience, women earn $35,900 and men earn $47,700. For purchasers with 4-6 years experience, men earn $52,100 while women earn $38,300. Female purchasers who have 7 to ten years of experience earn $42,300 while their male counterparts earn $56,400. For those with 11-15 years experience, women earn $43,500 and men earn $63,400.


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